Warranty Policy

Provided that Power Pac Industries, (PPI), manufactured items are installed, operated, and maintained in accordance with all applicable written instructions, PPI will warranty its products against defects in workmanship and/or materials for a period of one (1) year after the original invoice purchase date. This warranty does not extend to components supplied to PPI by other manufacturers such as, but not limited to, light fixtures, ballasts, handlamps, electrical components, etc. However, these items will be warrantied in accordance to the original manufacturer warranty guarantee policy. Under no circumstance will any item be warrantied if subjected to abnormal stress, misuse, negligent operation, or accident resulting in damage. Nor will any item be warrantied if improperly repaired or altered in any way. After receipt of component (freight prepaid) to the PPI designated repair facility, warranty decision will be determined by the respective manufacturer/supplier.

Warranty Coverage
PPI Manufactured Items: 1 year
Floodlights: 30 days
Lamps: 30 days
Transformer: 2 years
Capacitor: 30 days
All OEM Parts: 30 days